Getting There

Getting To Vienna, Booking Flights & Hotels:

You can get great discount prices for travel, hotels, and local cultural events using online search engines, particularly if you book your flight and hotel together.  You can shop and compare at:  

If you're traveling locally to/from another city in Europe, check out the great prices on the Flixbus Bus Line, which arrives/departs from the Wien Central Bus Terminal, located just outside the "U4 Erdberg" U-Bahn Station in Vienna

**No COVID Requirements are needed for travel to Germany:   

As of June 2022, entry to Germany is permitted for all travel purposes.  It is no longer necessary to present proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result for entry.

Getting To 'Waltz Week' Classes in Vienna 

The "Some Like It Hot Ballroom" -- located at Sechshauserstraße 9, A-1150 Wien -- will be our main meeting area for classes and workshops. It is situated just outside the old city, near the Schonbrunn Palace, with easy access to the subway.  See the map below.

  • The nearest SUBWAY STOP is the U6 "Gumpendorferstraße" station (about three city blocks, or a five minute walk from the studio).  
  • The nearest BUS STOP is the 57A "Fuenfhausgasse" (just in front of the studio)

The "Some Like It Hot Ballroom" is located just outside the heart of Old Vienna near the Schonbrunn Palace.  The address is:

Some Like It Hot Ballroom

Sechshauserstraße 9, A-1150, Vienna, Austria

Getting To/From The Airport, & Around Vienna:

A)   Airport transportation:   More information is available at the Vienna Airport Site

- by Train (City Railway):

    • Current schedule shows trains leaving every 30 mins, starting from 4:54 am to 0:18 am;
    • Current price: One-way ticket € 3.60 Euro
    • Journey time: 24 mins (downtown - Wien Mitte)

*schedule and prices will be updated within the next 2 months

- by Bus:

    • Current schedule shows buses leaving every 30 mins, starting from 6:20 am to 0:50 am;
    • Current price: One−way ticket € 6.00 Euro, return ticket 11.00 Euro
    • Journey time: 20 mins (downtown - Schwedenplatz)

*schedule and prices will be updated within the next 2 months

- by Express Train (City Airport Train - CAT)

    • Current schedule shows CATs leaving every 30 mins, from 6:05 am to 11:35 am;
    • Current price: One−way ticket € 10.00 Euro
    • Journey time: 16 mins (downtown - Wien Mitte)

- by Taxi/Cab

    • Various taxi cabs are available.  For a trip into town from the airport, you may want pre-order a taxi on, (usual cost is around EUR € 30).  Non "pre-ordered" taxies hired directly at the airport are typically much more expensive to take.  This is because the drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers in Vienna for their return trip back to the airport (the airport is technically in the province of Lower Austria) and they therefore charge their return trip to you, the airport customer.  You can learn more about airport taxi and other transportation information at:
    • Average pre-ordered taxi price: starts at around Euro € 30,- one-way;  Group taxis are available upon request
    • Journey time: average 20-35 mins (downtown - depending on the target location and the traffic)

B)   City transportation:  There are various options for tickets on the Vienna Public Transport System depending on whether you want a single-use ticket or a multiple-use ticket which can be used over several days. REMEMBER - Tickets must be validated before boarding trains.  CLICK HERE for ticket  options and pricing.  

-Single-trip ticket:

    • € 2.40 per person (ticket-office/machine pre-sale)
    • € 2.60 per person (if bought in buses or trams)

-One Week ticket  (recommended option): 

    •  € 16.00 per person, valid for one person from Monday 12 am - Monday 9 am the following week (ticket-office/machine pre-sale only).  The ticket is transferable, so whoever is holding it can use it.  It's called the "Easy City Pass" ticket  CLICK HERE for details

-Eight Day Climate ticket:

    •  € 28.80 (ticket-office/machine pre-sale only), valid for any eight days, not necessarily eight consecutive days. It is a rover ticket, which means you can travel all around Vienna.  You can also use the ticket for several people traveling together. Simply punch one strip for each person in the group.

-Other options: 

    • 24-hour ticket, 72-hour ticket are also available.  They are also called "Easy City Pass" tickets.  


CLICK HERE to go to the Website for Public Transportation in Vienna (If the site is not in English, be sure to click on the tiny "English" button in the grey strip on the upper right corner of the page)


 C)   City Sites & Tours Transportation:

There are numerous ways to explore Vienna! -- by foot, by bicycle, by bus, or by boat.  There are tours for city sights, local countryside excursions, or specific venues.  These are available for a few hours, half a day, all day or night, or for several days.

  • For a simple self-guided tour of the city, check out the "Hop-On-Hop-Off" Bus.   
  • For Tickets to the Spanish Riding School (Home of the world-famous Lipizzaner Stallions), Click Here

To visit other local or regional cities for an afternoon, for the day, or for a quick overnight (Bratislavia, Krems, Graz, etc), the best deals can currently be found on the Flixbus Bus Line (located at the Wien Central Bus Station just outside the "U4 Erberg" U-Bahn Station)

Exploring Vienna On Your Own

Cultural Activities, Self-Guided Walks, 

Exploring Vienna, Getting Started, and MORE!

A terrific resource for exploring Vienna on your own, for learning more about what this beautiful city has to offer, for connecting to local customs & culture, and for wonderful & informative travel tips to get you started on your adventure is the website:  Here you can find a wide variety of pages expounding on such topics as: 

                                            .....and MORE!

This is a great site -- informative, well-organized , and very easy to navigate.  Be sure to check it out!