How many dance classes will there be?  

When Waltz Week was originally conceived, we began as a traditional dance camp with five full days of morning & afternoon classes, a half day tour of the city, a variety of evening activities, and the Waltz Ball on the last weekend.  Since then, the concept has evolved significantly, due mostly to the feedback of those early participants.  Because most of our attendees are veteran dancers, it turns out that what they really want to do is to see more of Vienna, socialize and dance more with the other participants, mingle with locals, and not spend their whole time abroad in a dance studio learning moves.

To this end, we have condensed our class schedule down to two or three half days where we will focus mainly on the kinds of dances you will see at the balls (including a wonderful lesson by Axel & Sandra on the "quadrille" - a very traditional ball dance usually performed at midnight).  

Our schedule this year will be much less formalized than in the past, with many more opportunities for spontaneity, for exploring and sight seeing, and for planning together as a group.  This will be further explained on the first day of camp, at which time we will present all of our options for activities that week and the schedule for dance classes in the studio  


What dance styles will be taught during the classes?  

The dance styles taught will be selected from among those that are typically played at the Balls.  These may include, but are not limited to:

    • Viennese Waltz
    • Rotary Waltz
    • Cross-Step Waltz
    • Fusion Waltz
    • Polka
    • Quadrille  (See an example of the quadrille on the VIDEO page)
    • Swing
    • Lindy
    • Latin (mambo, cha cha)
    • Ballroom
    • Connection technique and styling 
We will try to balance the classes between the various styles, combining the best of traditional Viennese ball forms with the latest American social dance styles that will leave you well-prepared for any ballroom dance to come. 


Where are the classes held?

All classes will be held at the Some Like it Hot Ballroom, Sechshauserstra├če 9, A-1150 Vienna (Formerly, called the "Demel" dance school)

More information about this location and how to get there can be found on our "Getting There" page


How large do you expect classes to be?

The number of participants for the Waltz Week workshops will be limited, allowing us to keep the classes more intimate and the instruction personalized. Every effort will be made to maintain equal lead/follow balance.

At what level will classes be taught?

Waltz week dance classes are not for the absolute beginning dancer.  Participants will be expected to know some basic dance steps and partnering skills (ie, be comfortable with beginning level waltz or social dance).  

If this isn't you yet, not to worry! -- you have plenty of time between now and February to sign up at a dance school near you and complete a beginning level waltz or social dance class!

If you have any questions about your level of dance, please let us know. 

What language will classes be taught in?

All classes will be taught in English.  Translation is available for German or Spanish speakers.

Will there be opportunities for private lessons?

Private lessons can be arranged with individual instructors during the week.

Should I come with a partner or can I come alone?

While we highly encourage you to come with a partner, it is not required to participate.  That being said, there are MANY more advantages to attending Waltz Week with a partner (especially if you are planning to dance at any of the pre-Waltz Week, or "alternate" Waltz-Week Balls) and these are discussed further at the bottom of the Balls page.  

For anyone coming without a partner who would like to find a partner, we highly encourage you to connect with  fellow interested single party's and participants on our FACEBOOK PAGE "Waltz Week in Vienna" (click on the link to post there, to arrange meet-ups, or to coordinate partnering for the Balls) 


Will there be opportunities for social dancing during the week?

Yes.  There are dance practices available at local dance schools several times during the week (separate admission applies).  There will also be opportunities for social swing and salsa dancing at local dance clubs.  More information about these will be available during the first day of workshop orientation.