Pricing 2019


COST:  "Waltz Week in Vienna" 2019

  • INCLUDES: all classes and workshops, Sunday night group dinner at a local traditional bodega, group activities during the week, socials, walking tours of Vienna, down time for exploring, and adventures yet to be named..... 
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE: costs for transportation, regular meals, accomodations, outside practices or dances, or ball tickets.  Ball tickets can be purchased on our site, but must be ordered separately. 

**Please note: All on-line transactions will be made in Euros.  This is being done in order to allow our European team immediate access to these funds in order purchase ball tickets and cover local expenses.  For currency conversion information, please refer the note at bottom of this page.



    • "Very-Early-Bird Registration:                  € 350.00 Euros    (Oct 1 - Dec 14th)
    • "Early-Bird" Registration:                         € 375.00 Euros    (Dec 15th - Jan 14th)
    • "Regular Bird" Registration:                     € 390.00 Euros    (After Jan 15th)


B)  "VIENNESE BALL" TICKET  (see "Ball" page for details)  PLEASE NOTE - The price on the Payment Page will be the ticket price (shown below) + internet transaction fees.  

  • Friday, Feb 22nd:  Koffeesieder Ball:         € 162 Euro

 **PLEASE NOTE:  Tickets for the Kaffeeseider ball must be ordered through our website by January 30th to ensure enough time for our Vienna team to purchase and collect them.  Tickets for any of the other balls must be arranged on your own.

Tickets ordered after January 30th cannot be guaranteed.  We will still do our best to get them for you, but these balls can sell out quickly once the box office opens.  You will be refunded in full for any tickets you paid for but could not be obtained.  

Tickets for the KAFEESEIDER BALL will be given to you on the first day of Waltz Week.

**REMINDER:  All prices are in Euros.  Currency conversion will automatically take place using PayPal.  

As you know, currency exchange rates fluctuate a little each day.  To calculate the most recent exchange rate from Euros to US dollars, go to your Google browser bar and simply type in the amount in Euros followed by the equals sign (ie "350 Euros =") and hit return.  Google will automatically calculate that amount for you in dollars. When I did this on Sept 1st, €350 Euros was equivalent to $399.00 US dollars