Registration & Payment

 Registration & Payment

Welcome to "Waltz Week In Vienna, 2019!" 

To Register: 

  1. Please take a moment to carefully read notes 1&2 below, then in the form that follows,
  2. Complete "Step 1" (Contact Information), and click the "Submit" button.
  3. Complete "Step 2" (PayPal Checkout).  See Note 2 below if your PayPal Checkout page appears written in German 

**NOTE 1:  Each time you select an item to pay for (ie, the Waltz Week Package), you will be taken to your PayPal checkout cart to verify the item is there.  To select and pay for more than one item (ie, the Waltz Week Package, plus a ball ticket), please do the following:

  • After you select the first item from the Waltz Week website (ie, the Waltz Week Package), you will be taken to your PayPal checkout page.  From there, you will need to click on the "Continue Shopping" button to return to the Waltz Week website shopping menu.  
  • From the Waltz Week website menu you just returned to, select the next item that you want to purchase (ie, a Ball ticket) .  Repeat as needed for each new item you want to buy.  You will be able to edit or modify your selections on your PayPal Checkout page before making your final purchase.

**NOTE 2: "Waltz Week in Vienna" is an American-Austrian joint partnership, with payment being handled by the Austrian team.   If your PayPal Checkout page appears to be written in German, close the PayPal Checkout page (click the little red 'x" in the upper right corner of your PayPal page), return to the Waltz Week website's shopping menu page and click on the "View Cart" button on the top right corner of the Part 2 section of that page.  That should fix the problem for the remainder of your checkout. 

 Your PayPal Checkout Page should either have the words "Waltz Week in Vienna" or "Swing and the City" written at the top.  After making your purchase, you will receive an email from "Roll Up The Rug" confirming your registration.  Please feel free to contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties with registration or if you have any questions.

**NOTE 3:  Tickets for the balls must be ordered through our website by December 30th to ensure enough time for our Vienna team to purchase and collect them.  Tickets ordered after December 30th cannot be guaranteed.  We will still do our best to get them for you, but these balls can sell out quickly once the box office opens.  You will be refunded in full for any tickets you paid for but could not be obtained.  Tickets for the ball will be given to you on the first day of Waltz Week.  Please refer to the "Pricing" page for our cancelation policy.

**REMINDER:  All prices are in Euros.  Currency conversion will automatically take place using PayPal.  

**As you know, currency exchange rates fluctuate a little each day.  To calculate the most recent exchange rate from Euros to US dollars, go to your Google browser bar and simply type in the amount in Euros followed by the equals sign (ie "350 Euros =") and hit return.  Google will automatically calculate that amount for you in dollars. When I did this on Sept 1st, 350 Euros was equivalent to $399.00 US dollars.


Please complete the following:

I am a....

Please select all that apply below. On the PayPal payment page that follows, remember that you will need to add both the Waltz Week Package and the Ball Tickets separately to your cart.

I am registering for:

I am interested in attending the following add-ons (not an official part of Waltz Week) and would like more information as it becomes available



Please review the notes at the top of the page for directions regarding payment

WALTZ WEEK "Early Bird" PACKAGE: Mon-Sun, Feb 17-23, 2019

€ 380 

Seven days of traditional Viennese, America, and social ballroom dance classes, dance party exchanges, walking city tour, group activities, fun, adventure, and exploration with a cadre of fellow dance afficionados, and more!

Price = €37010 PayPal fee



Fri, Feb 22nd: "Koffeeseider Ball"

€ 170 

Fri, Feb 22nd: Vienna Koffeeseider Ball  
Location: Vienna Hofburg Palace

Doors open: 7:30 pm
Traditional Opening Ceremony: 9:00 pm
End of ball: 4:30 am

Please see our "Ball" page for details about this event.

  Price = €162 + €8 PayPal fee


"Non-Dancing" Waltz Week Guest

€ 195 

For a “non-dancer” (usually the guest of a dancer) who would not be joining us for the dance classes, but would like to join us for the dinners, tours, evening parties, etc. You would still need to buy your Ball ticket separately if you would like to get into the Ball.