Waltz Week In Vienna

COST:  "Waltz Week in Vienna" Dance Workshop Package

  • Includes 5 fabulous days (20+ hours) of classes, historic walking tour, and commemorative gift. 
  • Does not include transportation, meals, accomodations, outside practices or dances, or ball tickets.

**The number of participants for the Waltz Week workshops will be limited to 40 (20 leads and 20 follows), allowing us to keep the classes more intimate and the instruction personalized. 



    • Early Registration**   € 275.00 Euros
    • Regular Registration:   € 295.00 Euros 

 **Early registration ends after the first 15 people register or after Jan 1st, whichever comes first 

B)  VIENNA BALL TICKETS  (see "Ball" page for details)  Price = cost + internet transaction fees: 

  1. Saturday, Feb 5th:  IAEA Ball (recommended):    € 60 Euro 
  2. Saturday, Jan 29th:  Aerzte Ball (optional):         € 105 Euro
  3. Friday, Feb 4th:  BOKU Ball (optional):               € 60 Euro

Calculating the cost in US dollars.

As you know, currency exchange rates fluctuate a little each day.  To calculate the most recent exchange rate from Euros to US dollars, go to your Google browser bar and simply type in the amount in Euros followed by the equals sign (ie " 275 Euros = ") and hit return.  Google will automatically calculate that amount for you in dollars. When I did this on January 1, 2011, 275 Euros was equivalent to $367.75 US dollars

Please complete your registration and payment on the registration page.


The Fine Print

  • The "Waltz Week in Vienna" Workshop Package includes all classes, the walking tour, and a commemorative gift.  It does not include transportation, meals, accomodations, outside practices or dances.  Ball tickets are also priced separately.
  • Cancellations prior to December 1st will receive an 80% refund on the Workshop Package.  Cancellations from December 2nd to January 1st will receive a 50% refund on the Workshop Package.  No refunds will be issued after January 2nd
  • Ball ticket purchases are non-refundable.

Terms and conditions for the event (included, but not limited to prices, locations, date and time) are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Waltz Week in Vienna and it's organizers, and without liability to Waltz Week in Vienna and it's organizers. At the time of such changes, information will be posted on the Waltz Week in Vienna website and emails will be sent to all registered attendees.