Waltz Week In Vienna

Who should attend Waltz Week in Vienna?:

Everyone is invited to attend "Waltz Week in Vienna"!  

That being said, however, you need to know that all of the dance classes will be taught at a level where you are expected to know some basic steps and dance partnering skills (ie, be comfortable with beginning level waltz/dance).  

If this isn't you, not to worry! -- you have plenty of time between now and January 31st to sign up at a dance school near you and complete a beginning level waltz/dance class!

If you have any questions about your level of dance, please let us know. 


What dance styles will be taught?  

This week represents a truly wonderful partnership in couple dancing, combining the best of traditional Viennese ball forms with the latest American social dance styles that will leave you well-prepared for any ballroom dance to come. The dance styles taught over the course of the week will cover those that are typically played at the Balls.  These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Viennese Waltz
  • Rotary Waltz
  • Cross-Step Waltz
  • Fusion Waltz
  • Polka
  • Quadrille
  • Swing
  • Lindy
  • Latin
  • Ballroom
  • Connection technique and styling


There will be opportunities for dance practices at several local dance schools on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (separate admission applies).  More information about these will be available during the first day of workshop orientation.

Several people have also asked about private lessons.  These can be arranged with individual instructors during the week, no problem.  



  • Sandra/Axel's Class = Blue  
  • Ari/Whitney's Class = Red


9:00-9:30  Registration

9:30-10:30            Viennese Waltz #1 

10:45-11:45       Quadrille/Polka #1   

12:00-1:00                Close-Connection & Styling

1:00-2:00:  LUNCH

2:00-3:00                      Latin Variations #1

3:15-4:15                     Swing Variations #1

4:30-5:30                    Fusion Waltz #1

EVENING:                Group dinner


9:30-10:30                      Latin Variations #2

10:45-11:45                Rotary Waltz #1   

12:00-1:00:  LUNCH        

1:00-2:00:                         Viennese Waltz #2

2:00-3:00                             Quadrille/Polka #2   

EVENING:                            Dance Practice



9:30-10:30                 Viennese Waltz #3 

10:45-11:45             Ballroom #1   

12:00-1:00                     Swing Variations #2

1:00-2:00:  LUNCH

2:00-5:00                         Historical Walking Tour of the City (included)                  

EVENING:                            Dance Practice


9:30-10:30                        (Time Off)    

10:30-11:30                   Swing Variations #3      

11:45-12:45                   Rotary Waltz #2          

1:00-2:00:  LUNCH

2:00-3:00                          Quadrille/Polka #3

3:15-4:15                            Viennese Waltz #4

4:30-5:30                       Fusion Waltz #2    (optional)  

EVENING:                            Dance Practice          


9:30-10:30                 Viennese Waltz #4 

10:45-11:45             Ballroom #2   

12:00-1:00:  LUNC

1:00-2:00:                   Latin Variations #3

2:00-3:00                    Fusion Waltz #3  

3:15-4:15                Fusion Waltz #4 (optional)                                            

EVENING:                            Boku-Ball 


Free Day (shopping, sight-seeing, R&R, Ball prep, etc)

EVENING:                            IAEA-Ball (7pm - 4:30am)


Special Note:  Partnering for the Viennese Ball:  

     If you ever plan to attend a Viennese Ball in Europe as a single person or as a solo couple, you should be aware of a few etiquette points.

       First, at these kinds of events, guests will typically dance only with the partner they came with.  That is to say, unlike some of the more informal social dance parties you might have attended in your own community, at these formal balls the etiquette of partner exchange is generally not done.  

     So, what do you do if:  1) you are a single person attending such a ball and want to dance at all**, or if  2) you came with a partner who doesn't know all of the dance styles you do (ie, you would have to sit out the dances they don't know), or if 3) you have a well-matched partner but would still enjoy dancing with other people?  What do you do then?

      This, my friends, is the beauty of attending Waltz Week in Vienna.  We will be coming with our own group of partners in hand!

      Long before the final ball begins on Saturday, we will have spent a full week together dancing, socializing, and playing, which invariably translates into our having a wonderful built-in, close-knit community of friends for partnering during the ball.  And this benefit extends to both singles and couples alike! 

      Finally, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that it's been my experience that formal, elegant social events such as these are always more enjoyable and much more memorable when shared with a group of fun, like-minded fellow dance aficionados and friends.  And this, to my mind, is what makes attending Waltz Week such a better experience than simply coming to Vienna to attend a ball as a single person or even as a solo couple. 

** One caveat to this is that, if you are single, some of the more lavish balls may help you to arrange for a local taxi dancer to attend as your dance partner, and this person would then be your escort for the entire ball.  Just be aware that:

  1. This can be expensive!  Hiring a dance escort means that you are responsible for all of their costs, including ball ticket, tux/gown rental, transportation, meals/drinks, hiring stipend/fee, etc, and 
  2. You're still committed to that one person for all of your dancing, even if you don't dance well together. 


Friday, Feb 3rd:   

  • Optional Pre-Waltz Week Ball: "The BOKU Ball" 
             (See "Ball" page for more information) 

Saturday, Feb 4th:   

  • Beginning-level "blues", "cross-step waltz", and "fusion swing" workshops for locals, taught by Ari & Whitney  (See "Saturday Workshop" page for more information)
  • Optional Pre-Waltz Week Ball: "The IAEA Ball" 
             (See "Ball" page for more information) 



Sunday, Feb 5th:  

  • "Waltz Week" Registration & Introductions:  2:30 - 3:00 pm
  • Workshops:  3:00am - 5:45pm
  • Group Dinner & Social:  6:30 - 9:00pm (details TBA, no host)
  • Superbowl party at the Vienna Marriot Hotel (late night)

Monday, Feb 6th:  

  • Workshops:  1:00 - 5:45 pm
  • Dance Practice or Group Outing (details TBA)

 Tuesday, Feb 7th:  

  • Workshops:    9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Optional Evening Practice or Group Outing (details TBA)

Wednesday, Feb 8th:  

  • Workshops:  9:30am - 1:00pm
  • Walking Historic Tour of Vienna Old Town (included):  2-5pm
  • Group dinner at local 600 year old Weinkeller

Thursday, Feb 9th:  

  • Workshops:  9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Dance Practice or Group Outing (details TBA)

Friday, Feb 10th:  

  • Workshops:  9:30am - 12:00pm
  • Group Lunch at Historic Weinkeller, Ball Prep
  • Waltz Week Ball:  "The Kaffeeseider Ball" 7:30pm - 4:30am (Saturday morning)                                                                                         (See "Ball" page for more information)



Saturday, Feb 11th:    

  • Free day for Shopping, Site-seeing, Ball Preparation, Privates, etc.
  • Optional group hike through local wine country, followed by lunch at historic regional  weinkeller
  • Johann Strauss Ball at the Kursalon Ball, 7:30pm - 4:30am (Sunday morning)*                                                                             (See "Ball" page for more information)

Sunday, Feb 12th:  

  • Free day for Shopping, Site-seeing, and Optional Group Activities
  • Optional Group Goodbye Brunch (details TBA)
  • Airport departures


*Note:  If you plan to attend the Saturday Strauss Ball and stay through early Sunday morning, you might consider arranging your travel home no earlier than Sunday evening (Feb 12th) or Monday morning (Feb 13th) so that you can really savor the Ball experience.





Full details regarding the ball schedules for 2012 are currently being updated and confirmed.  Registration will officially begin once these details are finalized.  In the meantime please join our mailing list so that you may be kept informed of when registration opens.

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